Playful Nature

Playful Nature started with two fathers, two daughters, some sticks, sharp knives and string. Our first installation, William Don't Tell, was a bow and arrow workshop for children and their parents. The overwhelming response led to a number of other playful projects made for a growing and engaged community in Berlin.

We use simple, recyclable materials, often repurposing everyday items for our temporary play-based installations, to teach sustainability and the art of creating without consuming.


growing community.

Together with institutions for art and education, Playful Nature works to transform spaces into creative playgrounds for ideas, shared learning, and growing community.

Individually, we all long for community. Our goal is to come up with ideas that capture the collective imagination, engaging all ages in a common goal which makes it both easy and fun to connect.

play centered

When we are at play we are truest to ourselves and to others.

Play-centered installations bring people together, making it possible to work in concert or alongside one another with an openness and mindfulness that is rare in our day to day. The trick is to engage adults through play, to reach the same level of playful concentration that children achieve naturally.
Playful Nature creates interactive installations which are an invitation to play.